Phoenix to Change Their Pop DNA on New Album

Phoenix to Change Their Pop DNA on New Album
In 2009, French popsters Phoenix released the critically adored Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Since then, the band have spent a good two years promoting it, going on tours, releasing remixes, unveiling a documentary and giving away a live album. Now, Phoenix have finally begun work on a follow-up.

In an interview with Pedestrian [via TwentyFourBit], the band revealed that they're currently working on demos for their fifth studio LP. Frontman Thomas Mars compared the new material to the French high-speed train TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse), saying that the songs were "nostalgic," "experimental" and "minimal."

While Mars called the new tracks "futuristic," bassist Derek D'Arcy said that the recordings won't have a strong electronic influence. D'Arcy revealed the band will be testing out some songs with an orchestra, adding, "We're going to record a bunch of percussionists in Byron Bay [Australia]." If these sessions go well, they will return later this year to record.

Mars said, "I think 'cause we do a lot music with drum machines and we blend a lot [of] drum machines and real drums, I think for us, it's a way to escape that. You know, there's something a little frustrating when you do pop music. And drums are the DNA of our music, 'cause we'd like to go somewhere else, we'd like to change that DNA."

You can watch the video interview over here.

By the sound of things, the album won't be finished anytime soon, but fans can rest assured that new Phoenix material is on the way.