Phoenix Share Details About Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

Phoenix Share Details About <i>Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix</i>
Phoenix have come out with all the details of their majestically titled Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which now has a release date, tracklisting and a label.

For the U.S. (and we assume Canada), this follow-up to 2006's It's Never Been Like That will touch down on May 26 via little-known label Glassnote. For the rest of the world, Phoenix will handle the release on their own and put it out on the band's newly minted Loyaute imprint on May 25. So, yes, this does mean the French popsters have finally freed themselves from Virgin's clutches.

As previously reported, Wolfgang was recorded last year and features Philippe Zdar of French house outfit Cassius co-producing. It also is supposedly "fast and intense," evokes the energetic sprit of the group's 2000 debut, United, and is anchored by the two-part ambient epic "Love Like a Sunset."

Album track "1901" has already surfaced online and as our man Cam Lindsay said in his recent Click Hear column: "'1901' definitely utilizes electronics the way they did in their earlier days, opening with a farting synth that's very French touch. But if anything, I feel this is still moving along the same path of Phoenix's last disc, It's Never Been Like That, with the high note Strokes-like guitar strums and the overall soft-rockness of their sound."

In addition to Wolfgang, Phoenix are curating a mixtape for Paris label Kitsune as part of the imprint's Tabloid series. That release has been given the due date of March 23 in the UK and features songs ranging from Kiss to Tangerine Dream to D'Angelo to Urge Overkill to Dirty Projectors.

Phoenix also have plans for a brief string of North American tour dates, but since those have yet to be announced, here we go to the track-listing for Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix:

1. "Lisztomania"
2. "1901"
3. "Fences"
4. "Love Like a Sunset Pt. 1"
5. "Love Like a Sunset Pt. 2"
6. "Lasso"
7. "Rome"
8. "Countdown"
9. "Girlfriend"
10. "Armistice"