Phoenix Reissuing First Three Albums on Vinyl

Phoenix Reissuing First Three Albums on Vinyl
For vinyl hunters, Phoenix's first few albums aren't easy (or cheap) to come by, but that will soon change thanks to the upcoming reissues of the French pop rock band's first three LPs.

Modern Vinyl points out that Rough Trade has listings for new vinyl pressings of United (2000), Alphabetical (2004) and It's Never Been Like That (2006). According to the listings, the albums will be out in the UK on September 29, meaning that the North American release will likely follow the next day.

The details are a little slim, so we're not sure if there are any bonus tracks or fancy extras included here. Still, even if these pressings preserve all of the original tracklists and artwork, this will still come as very exciting news for the legions of new fans that the band have won over in the last few years.

The albums can be pre-ordered here.

The band's 2009 smash Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix was reissued earlier this summer.