Phoenix Orion 3080 Flux

Phoenix Orion travels beyond Dr Octagon’s year 3000 and Deltron’s 3030 to return to 3080 with his Team Eloheem crew and the On Point BioMarines to rescue the earth from the Alpha-Draconians, an alien race intent on stealing our life force. It’s a bleak future where the most paranoid conspiracy theorist’s worst nightmares have come to life. On Point’s resident producer provides the soundtrack for this tale, a fusing of dark jungle with hip-hop, rock and classical. It’s what suits Phoenix Orion best; not the weak hip-hop beats of his last album, Neo Elo Alpha. For his part, Orion throws six decades of science fiction into a blender and serves it up as new, interesting cocktails. Plus, he gets some admirable help from unknowns Billy Blue and Json.Bio.1, as well as long-time collaborator Dandelion and underground legend P.E.A.C.E. (as Galaxy Ranger). I could do without TC iSLAM’s appearance as Johnny Rocket on "Cryostacis,” but Prolifix, returning from Neo Elo Alpha, adds some impressive cuts, especially with the outer space sound effects of "NASA” and the "laser scratch techniques” of "Alien.” Despite it’s paranoia-inducing hook, the latter song, along with the hidden bonus instrumental, might even get the nerds out on the dance floor. Whether it’s a dance floor burner like "Alien,” the metal-jungle hybrid of "Raise the Level,” or a whacked out "Flux” experiment, there’s not really much to pick on. Sure, some of the ideas are cliché. And if sci-fi doesn’t interest you, neither will 3080 Flux. But on the other hand, it happens to be nearly as good as Secret Wars, his first tale of 3080. Perhaps that will be Phoenix Orion’s year. (Sci Phi)