Phoenix Get Their Own TV Documentary

Phoenix Get Their Own TV Documentary
It's been a triumphant couple of years for French pop rockers Phoenix, whose 2009 album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix has spawned ubiquitous singles, a star-studded remix album, and movie spinoff rumours. Their triumphant campaign has already been chronicled with a nine-part web documentary. Now, the band will get a TV documentary as well.

TwentyFourBit notes that the feature is called From a Mess to the Masses, and that it will premier on Thursday (October 13) in France and Germany on the television network Arte. It was directed by Antoine Wagner, who previously helmed the video for the band's single "‪Lisztomania‬." Fittingly, the documentary title is taken from a lyric in that song.

It's unclear at this point whether this 52-minute documentary will ever air in North America, and judging by the description on Arte's website, it appears to be a French-language film (despite its title). While we wait for possible word about a subtitled version coming to our country, check out a trailer below.

Meanwhile, Phoenix are working on a new album.

From a Mess to the Masses - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix from Voluume on Vimeo.