Phoenix "Entertainment" (video)

Phoenix 'Entertainment' (video)
French pop geniuses Phoenix had already given us a taste of their latest LP, Bankrupt!, by sharing a lyric video for the track "Entertainment," and now that song has now received an official music video.

The clip, which is set in Korea and plays out very much like that country's extravagant dramas, includes everything from a children's choir to archery lessons, enormous choreographed dances, falconry and bloody knife fights in the streets, getting all Cloud Atlas on us throughout.

The band don't show up in the video (aside from briefly on a poster, as you can see above), and the song is instead sung by a variety of actors in the video, including a headset-wearing pop star at a huge outdoor show. It's all a bit overwhelming, but it's nevertheless a compelling accompaniment to hard-charging pop song.

Bankrupt! is out April 23 through Glassnote Records. Read about the album here.