P.H.O.B.O.S. Anœdipal

If there were ever music "To Disrupt The Cycle Of The Fæces" (the subtitle of Anœdipal's opener "Unzen"), then it is P.H.O.B.O.S. Helmed by cave dweller Frédéric Sacri, the once multi-member group have been reduced to a one-man band. Anœdipal is his sophomore full-length and its packaging chillingly complements the music within — the long digi-pak format and 12-page colour booklet underscore the inhumanly grim artwork of graphic genius Stefan Thanneur. Sacri's layering of industrial noise is exemplary, invoking long-dead chthonic demons, ancient undersea monsters and woebegone denizens of a dark and foreboding parallel universe. The early Godflesh doom of "Hans & Horses/To Unbind Father and Son" splinters into otherworldly tangents, while "Post Theophanies/To Unbind the Son and the Holy Ghost" shuffles with a Candiru-like gait and Sacri's black metal gargle. "Destrud Mortid/To Comply with the Cruel Contract" has a more defined backdrop of noise, which adds a sinister air to the fearsome lyrics. "Elitotems/Odimus Profanum Vulgus" exudes a glutinous heat like napalm, with Ministry-esque backbeats that slice'n'dice with rusted razor wire. Anœdipal is music with medicinal applications; it encourages complete bowel evacuation while providing jaundiced hope for the dejected. (Megaton Mass Products)