Montreal's Phobocosm aren't pulling any punches on their debut record, Deprived. Though they've been together now for five years, this material is the first they've actually put to tape. That's impressive in and of itself, but that Dark Descent wanted to release it, and Colin Marston (Gorguts, Nadja) mixed and mastered it, adds whole other levels of esteem to this record without even hearing a note.

Marston lends his trademark claustrophobic style, making Phobocosm's chaotic death metal sound overwhelming and dense. Though the mix and the record's material are challenging, Phobocosm expertly play with structure enough in their songwriting to keep things interesting. "Knives In The Senate House" begins with a repeating phrase, but even the gruff vocals that step along with the band can't prevent a howling guitar lead from commandeering things. Phobocosm have created an incredibly dark debut that is anchored by pure intensity, but motivated by refreshing creativity. (Dark Descent)
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