Philoceraptor Philosoraptor

Philoceraptor return with a sophomore EP featuring five songs that don't relate to one another, but come together quite nicely. The Vancouver, BC-based trio go for a cacophonous blend of skate punk and post-punk influences Japandroids and No-Age, without any of the lo-fi elements associated with them. Twangy guitar riffs are heard overtop unconventional harmonies and crunchy tones that seesaw between three-chord punk rock (even surf rock, at times), '70s garage rock and wall-of-sound distortion. Concluding track "Surfer" best illustrates the unique twang of guitarist Steve Mann, with a repeating riff reminiscent of the Bonanza theme (no complaints). Second track "Clever Girl" comes in with steady, clunky guitar riffs broken up by experiments with mismatched vocal harmonies reminiscent of later era the Blood Brothers. Vocalist Justin Penney delivers with a raspy scream that blends well with their homogenous style. Playing it a little too safe, choosing to hold back rather than project anything overly eccentric, leaves Philoceraptor with a ways to go before establishing a distinguishing sound. However, the Canadian triad are on-point with their unique approach to '70s garage rock and skate punk, which will earn them a unique place as an emerging punk act. (Independent)