Philip Selway "Coming Up For Air" (video)

Philip Selway 'Coming Up For Air' (video)
Before Radiohead open up the floodgates with a new LP, drummer Philip Selway will deliver his own album, Weatherhouse. Following up the recent premiere of the record's first single, "Coming Up for Air," a movie genre-mashing new video for the track has surfaced.

Scored by Selway's calm and airy vocals, an easygoing backbeat, and an atmospheric veil of six-string plucks, the video slaps together a series of soundstage vignettes. This includes a Film Noir private dick creeping around corners, a surrealist eyeball poking through a keyhole, a flame-heavy military moment, and a terrible scene in which a beautiful blueberry pie gets outright decimated.

You can sample the song and some movie magic down below, while Weatherhouse is set to hit stores October 7 via Bella Union.