Philip Glass's 'Candyman II' Score Gets Vinyl Reissue via One Way Static

Philip Glass's 'Candyman II' Score Gets Vinyl Reissue via One Way Static
Philip Glass's score for last summer's Fantastic Four reboot may have been overshadowed by the film flopping at the box office, but One Way Static is stirring up more interest in the composer's older, horror-geared work. The label has just unveiled plans to issue a soundtrack release for gothic psycho-slasher Candyman II (Farewell to Flesh) on January 29.

The forthcoming release follows One Way Static's 2014 reissue of Glass's score to the first Candyman film and features six pieces inspired by the phantasmagoric and hook-swinging titular figure. As with that first soundtrack, one of the vinyl colourways is a nod to Candyman's anthophila-filled body and will come served up on "bee haze" vinyl. A second variant lands on silver/yellow split vinyl, while a standard pressing on black vinyl is also on the way.

Up above, you'll find an album cover swirling with a colony of supernatural stingers.

Additionally, One Way Static will have the soundtrack to the Clive Barker-penned film arriving on cassette with alternate artwork and bonus material exclusive to the tape release. This will include "foreign trailer audio" and more.

Down below, you'll find a sampler of Glass's creeped-out, organ grinder soundscaping, as well as the track listing. In North America, you can pre-order the release here at Light in the Attic. 

In related soundtrack news, Mondo is putting two exclusives from last weekend's MondoCon up for sale tomorrow (October 7). Both are Fabio Frizzi releases, with one being a repress of The Beyond and the other being a double concert LP called Frizzi 2 Fulci Live that has the composer leading a band through tracks pulled from The Beyond, City of the Living Dead, Zombie Flesh Eaters and more. 

Candyman II (Farewell to Flesh): 

1. Daniel's Flashback 
2. The Slave Quarters 
3. Annie's Theme 
4. All Falls Apart 
5. The Demise of Candyman 
6. Reverend's Walk