Phil Manley's Life Coach Announce 'Alphawaves'

Phil Manley's Life Coach Announce 'Alphawaves'
Phil Manley plays in a host of bands, including the Fucking Champs, Trans Am and Jonas Reinhardt, and in 2011 released a solo album called Life Coach. That album has now spawned an entirely new project, also called Life Coach, who will release the album Alphawaves on April 16 through Thrill Jockey.

The project also includes Manley's longtime collaborator Jon Theodore (the Mars Volta, One Day as a Lion) on drums, with some guitar contributions from Isaiah Mitchell. It's said to feature forays intro tanpura-driven drone and hard rock.

A press release explains, "Alphawaves was written as a singular piece, each song flowing into the next, forming a dynamic musical narrative. The record is propulsive with a sense of forward motion never receding; it is telling that when performing live, Life Coach plays the album to completion."

In addition to being a busy musician, Manley is an experienced producer, and he recorded Theodore's drums in his garage in Malibu, CA. They reportedly used only first takes with no revisions.

See the tracklist below and the album cover above.


1. Sunrise
2. Alphawaves
3. Limitless Possibilities
4. Into the Unknown
5. Fireball
6. Life Experience
7. Mind's Eye
8. Ohm