Phèdre Phèdre

Phèdre are made up of "Three lovers from Monaco, raised in a cave of gold" or members of Hooded Fang and Airick Woodhead (of Doldrums). The ethereal samples of Doldrums are mixed with Daniel Lee's imaginative hooks to create a wonderfully inventive album. Vocal duties are split between April Aliermo and Lee on many of the albums highlights, such as "Love Ablaze." Phèdre features erotic psych-pop jams and spaced-out disco journeys, while some of the tracks are quick, sample-based trips that aren't as engaging as the longer cuts on the album, but are no less inspired. "In Decay" makes up for any missteps with its gloriously warbled bass and vocals. Its grotesque imagery and vibe establish it as one of many gems interspersed throughout the album, as it easily becomes engrained in your mind. Phèdre take cues from all the right places to carve out their sound ― Nancy Sinatra samples and Gorillaz-like pop/hip-hop blend on "Cold Sunday." The eclectic nature of the album is staggering, acting as a testament to the group's creativity. While listening to Phèdre, one can do nothing but feel helpless in the face of nearly perfect pop experimentalism. (Daps)