Phazm Antebellum Death ‘n Roll

France’s Phazm are a strange one indeed. With their last disc, 2004’s Hate at First Seed, the band successfully combined pseudo-Neurosis hippy sludge with black’n’roll, more traditional black metal and some of the wickedest "killer tree” cover art ever. Here they’ve continued their death’n’roll evolution and this shit rocks. Their lyrical slant of nature coming back to haunt man for his environmental sins may have been replaced by a lot of songs about skeletons fucking (it’s hard to tell), but regardless of what they’re singing about, it’s impossible to not get into this band. Not unlike parts of Entombed’s last four or so albums, Phazm like their death metal upbeat and light-hearted, with a big bass sound and a foot-tapping groove. They go one step further, adding in harmonica (yeah!). The beauty of bands like this is no one player stands out, rather it’s a gang of guys jamming with enjoyable results. The droning sludge rock of "So White, So Blue, So Cold” is a nice breather four tracks in but this sounds best when the harmonica is blaring, the death rock is rolling and the killer trees are in the graveyard dancing with the fornicating skeletons. (The End)