PHATT al Transistor

Once again PHATT al offers up an album of soulful, feel-good summer jams, and it’s time to wake up and take notice. He’s found a great partner in Peter Natale, who supplies most of the production by taking recognised formulas and giving them his own unique twist. Transistor is a nicely varied album, but there is a heavy concentration on soulful grooves and R&B hooks like the FLOW-ready single "Everybody's Got One,” featuring Ivana Santilli on the hook, or the laidback head-nodder "The Drift” with its flamenco guitar and a Lorraine Reid hook, or the organic, soul-jazz of "PHRESHair” with a breezy hook from Kayte Burgess. PHATT al also has the dance floor covered with the hot club track "ThisHere,” on which al brags, boasts and attacks the very people likely to be listening — though probably without really hearing. There’s also a little rock edge with "Roc U” and the much better, guitar-heavy dance rock of "Just a Remix (Special),” which would be the perfect b-side to "Everybody's Got One.” With so much potential for Transistor, this might finally be the moment for PHATT al. (Chocolate Fireguard)