Petition Launched in Support of Jian Ghomeshi's Alleged Victims with the Help of Fucked Up, Katie Stelmanis, Constantines

Petition Launched in Support of Jian Ghomeshi's Alleged Victims with the Help of Fucked Up, Katie Stelmanis, Constantines
Anyone with even a passing interest in the Canadian media is probably already familiar with the scandal surrounding Jian Ghomeshi, as the radio host has been fired from the CBC in light of accusations of sexual abuse. Yesterday (October 28), Owen Pallett wrote an open letter stating that "Jian Ghomeshi beats women," and now that sentiment has been reiterated in a petitioned signed by some notable Canadian musicians.

The petition is called "Gesture of Love and Support," and it's dedicated to the women directly affected by Ghomeshi, in addition to "survivors of abuse and assault who fear being disbelieved." It condemns Ghomeshi for his "PR attempt" to discredit his accusers and his alleged aim to reroute the conversation away from assault and towards BDSM.

Unsurprisingly, given yesterday's letter, Pallett has signed the petition. Other signees include Fucked Up, members of Constantines (Bry Webb and Steve Lambke), Katie Stelmanis of Austra, Geoff Berner, Jennifer Castle, Simone Schmidt (of Fiver and One Hundred Dollars) and many more.

The petition's statement includes a very definitive "we believe you." As of press time, it has been signed close to 600 times. See the petition and all the signees below, and sign it here.

UPDATE: In a new CBC interview on the program As It Happens, an anonymous woman has come forward with explicit details about allegedly being sexually abused by Ghomeshi. You can hear that interview below.

"Gesture of Love and Support":

To the women who have been directly affected by Jian Ghomeshi,
And to those survivors of abuse and assault who fear being disbelieved,

You should know first that there are so many of us who believe you. We understand why you fear coming forward, and want to offer a counterbalance of public support and understanding. Jian Ghomeshi's tactic of using his massive personal platform as a public figure to preemptively silence and discredit his victims is shameful.

We condemn the PR attempt to make you out to be a "jilted ex" and we see through the deplorable strategy of re-routing a conversation that should be about consent and assault to one about BDSM. No one should be abused anywhere - not on a date, not in a workplace. No one should be intimidated out of coming forward with their own stories.

We believe you.

With love and strength to you, the undersigned:
(First 100 signatures below)

Amy Lam
Sandy Miranda
Simone Schmidt
Sojourner Truth Parsons
Jake Pyne
Sheila Heti
Dionne Brand
Jennifer Castle
Owen Pallett
Caitlin Hewitt-White
Shary Boyle
Zoe Dodd
Fucked Up (band)
Farrah Khan
Carl Wilson
Bryan Fletcher Webb
Jessie Lauren Stein
Jessica Nicole Eaton
Katie Stelmanis
Maya Bankovic
Raymond Boisjoly
Mary Mann
Patrick Crean
Marjorie Francis
Summer Holland
Geoff Berner
Sonja Ahlers
Chelsey Lichtman
Lina Nasr
Shauna Thomas
Anni Spadafora
Carolyn Shapiro
Judy Rebick
Laura Ovens
Meg Watson
Lyndsey Cope
Susan Swan
Sarah Wayne
Vish Khanna
Samantha Haywood
Ben Peto
Anne Thierault
Frances Beswick
Max Fenton
Brianna Greaves
Roxane Gay
Paul Lawton
Daina Hodgson
Martha Ramsay
Kenneth North
Yuula Benivolski
Elita McAdam
Amy Leigh
Kathleen M Ramsay
Simon Harvey
David Oswald
charlie mac
Maddie Ritts
Giselle Dias
Leigh Currier
Sarah Kizuk
Jeff Bierk
Lana Povitz
Casey Mecija
Aurora Stewart de Pena
Erin McMichael
Fiona Ainsworth
Jonah Campell
Virgil Addison
Melanie Wilson
James Cairns
Samir Khan
Cynthia Spring
Melissa Reid
Gary Thompson
Barbara Lindenberg
Aaron Levin
Sarah Kilpack
Nathan Crook
Jay Shuster
Ella Bedard
Lauren Moses-Brettler
Steven Lambke
Max Ritts
Rachel Tennenhouse
Annasophia Vukovich
Lisa Miatello
Patrick Dedauw
Nadine Adelaar
Morton Ritts
Chanelle Gallant
Melanie Hill
Coral Short
Aerin Fogel
Lori Guest
Wendy Forrest
Lucy Satzewich
Kevin Hegge
Jean McDonald
Shelagh Pizey