Petite Noir Announces Debut LP for Domino

Petite Noir Announces Debut LP for Domino
South African artist Petite Noir (a.k.a. Yannick Ilunga) will follow up his recent The King of Anxiety EP for Domino with his debut full-length. Titled La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful, it arrives September 11.

A press release notes that Petite Noir recorded the 11-song set at London's Box Ten Studios with Oli Bayston (Boxed In) and Leon Brichard (Ibibio). The eclectic collection is said to put Ilunga's soulful vocals atop a mix of "contemporary electronics...raw post-punk energy" and "African shuffles." In addition to 10 new tracks, the album also includes The King of Anxiety number "Chess."

Ilunga has coined his approach as "noirwave." Though inspired by Mos Def, Fela Kuti and Tabu Ley, the artist explained that this is more a concept surrounding a "new African aesthetic" than just about the music.

He added: "I think for me, it's just the story their music tells and the sense of freedom. It's about seeing the positive in dark times."

Down below, you'll find a video for the record's first single, "Down." It was filmed earlier this month during a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo. That's the cover art above.

La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful:

1. Intro Noirwave
2. Best
3. Freedom
4. Seventeen (Stay)
5. Just Breathe
6. La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful
7. MDR
8. Colour
9. Down
10. Inside
11. Chess