Peter Walker Landed

On the surface, Peter Walker may seem like just another L.A. country rocker, but given the all-star supporting cast he’s assembled for this album, including ex-Wilco multi-tasker Jay Bennett and Beck’s former rhythm section of Justin Meldal-Johnsen and Joey Waronker, Walker certainly has a leg up on his competition. However, the results remain pretty straightforward, with Walker’s songs treading on the familiar territory of disillusionment and love gone wrong. Still, the high calibre of the performances, as well as the shared production of Joe Chiccarelli and Tony Hoffer is enough to justify repeated listening. Walker finds a bit more soul than usual on "Regular Woman” and a few others, but generally he doesn’t attempt to do anything other than stick to the same L.A. folk rock formula that’s been around since Glenn Frey tried to be Gram Parsons. If you don’t have a problem with that, then Landed is right up your alley. (Arisen)