Peter Ulrich Pathways and Dawns

Former drummer/percussionist for the Dead Can Dance, Peter Ulrich is able to create a holistic sound with shortcomings that can be overlooked if one is willing. Eight songs have been produced by Ulrich’s friend Brendan Perry, founder of Dead Can Dance. Unfortunately, this combination has ensured that Ulrich’s debut will ultimately be compared to the best goth/ethereal world music band (Dead Can Dance). This is obviously where the album will come up short as the still gorgeous sounds are not equal to Toward the Within or Spiritchaser. Ulrich was a member of Dead Can Dance when the latter was recorded and some of these sounds are also here. He does have some unique and refreshing sounds on “pathways and dawns,” they just aren’t as pronounced or developed as one would hope. “Journy of Discovery” is just that with its mystical beauty provided by 12-string guitar and breathtaking vocals. The swirling pipes on his debut create some very haunting sounds. As can be expected, the multiple drums and percussion instruments do a fine job of making the album uplifting and ethereal at the same time but draws the biggest comparisons to Ulrich’s former band. He might cause a stir among 4AD enthusiasts and ethereal goths as to whether this is a blatant rip-off or something to embrace. (Projekt)