Peter Project Peter Project

More fun than artsy, Toronto’s Peter Project crafts infectious hip-hop that dips into an old-school spirit but is decidedly contemporary. Playing keys in indie rock-flavoured bands like the Midways and the Bicycles, Peter Chapman is modestly grounded on his first DJ record, not so much innovating within hip-hop as much as stroking the form’s ego by celebrating its successful conventions. There’s some Beasties-style bravado within the jarring organ chimes and drum machine beats of "Fair and Square,” while "Septal Defect” contains obscure samples submerged under a soundtrack informed by classical elements and Low End Theory jazz. While guest spots are rare, they appear in key, well-paced spots. More or Les enlivens an already hot beat on "Repetitive Stress Injury” and "So Hard to Catch” features a laidback appearance by the Word Burglar, who glides through a dynamic sonic backdrop with awesome samples. Even after Masia One and Zaki Ibrahim class up the joint on "Take the Time,” Peter Project proves he’s still got beats for weeks. (Fuzzy Logic)