Peter Perrett Hearts on Fire

Judging from the CD cover and the evidence of his singing, the former lead vocalist of the Only Ones is as cool as ever. Recorded at the Mean Fiddler in London in 1994, this project captures the band on a good night. More than an exercise in new wave nostalgia, songs like "Lovers of Today," "The Big Sleep," "Another Girl, Another Planet" and "The Beast" sound like contemporary classics, even though they date back over 20 years. Recent songs like "Falling," "Daughter," "Land of the Free" and "Law of the Jungle" confirm why Perrett's refined pop touch makes him as vital a writer as Paul Weller. A second CD offers CD-ROM visuals of "Another Girl Another Planet" and "No Peace for the Wicked," a rare treat for fans with no chance to hear the Only Ones in the flesh. (S.R.I.)