Peter Hook Voices Support for Proposed Ian Curtis Museum

Peter Hook Voices Support for Proposed Ian Curtis Museum
Given the tension between iconic post-punk bassist Peter Hook and his estranged former New Order bandmates, it shouldn't come as any surprise that they have very different opinions regarding the proposed museum remembering late Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis. While Bernard Sumner expressed trepidation about the idea, Hook has now declared his support for the project.

When asked about the campaign to turn Curtis' former home into a museum, Hook told The Guardian that it was a "great compliment" to the group. He continued, "Ian has such a fantastic legacy and the fact people are inspired by it all around the world can only be a good thing. So I think someone should turn it into a bloody museum. We should have a bloody museum in Manchester, too, instead of us having to go to the Hard Rock restaurant to see anything to do with music in Manchester."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Hook openly attacked Sumner's perspective on the matter. He said, "I know Bernard said it would be disrespectful to Debbie but that's rubbish, how can it be disrespectful? I'd have thought it was more respectful to your great choice in a husband, love."

This follows Sumner's previous comments that he had mixed feelings about the planned project, saying, "It's a bit ghoulish, and a bit of a monument to suicide."

Of course, their arguments are most likely moot, since the crowdfunding campaign to fund the museum is currently falling far short of its £150,000 ($281,918.37 Canadian) goal. As of press time, the campaign has raised just £1,926 ($3,619.83 Canadian).

Meanwhile, the Curtis' former house in the English town of Macclesfield is still on the market for £115,000 ($216,137.42 Canadian).