Peter Bjorn and John to Reportedly Bring Back the Pop on Upcoming New Album

Peter Bjorn and John to Reportedly Bring Back the Pop on Upcoming New Album
If you were hoping that Swedish outfit Peter Bjorn and John would get back to pop hooks following their last pair of releases, you might want to perk up your ears. Though the band eschewed the catchy, whistle-driven sound of smash hit "Young Folks," off 2006's Writer's Block, for 2008's all-instrumental Seaside Rock and 2009's weirdo-electro platter Living Thing, a new report suggests that Peter Bjorn and John are getting back to their roots.

"It's a pure pop rock album," drummer John Eriksson told Spin of the band's upcoming new album. "We originally planned to make a punk rock album, but listening to it now, it's definitely a pop rock album. But it sounds more punk rock when we play the songs live."

After self-producing their last few records, the band have brought in producer Per Sunding (Cardigans) for their upcoming effort. While the outfit had been heading into all sorts of different directions since Writer's Block, Sunding apparently had them concentrate on their strengths, namely power pop hooks. Part of his plan was to get the band to relax in the studio, according to Spin. Apparently his strategy worked – all he had to do was get them totally hammered.

"We were more drunk this time," Eriksson said, claiming new tune "Tomorrow Has to Wait" is actually about pounding back drinks during recording sessions. "We have to blame the producer for that. He made us drink more. A lot of the final cuts were the drunken versions."

A tracklisting for the record, due early next year, has yet to appear. Neither is there a title for the disc. In fact, Eriksson explained that Peter Bjorn and John have no idea what to call it and might actually be looking for a little outside help.

"We've been asking our fans on Twitter. We have everything from Clever Pig to Stupid Sock, which have been three of the working titles. But it's not going to be called anything like that. We're working on it!"