PETA Condemns Justin Bieber's Ridiculous Fur Coat

PETA Condemns Justin Bieber's Ridiculous Fur Coat
Justin Bieber stepped out in Hollywood earlier this week, donning a fur coat so ridiculous that it successfully distracted us from his glasses and ripped acid wash jeans. The outfit initially drew hilarious comparisons to Liam Gallagher and the IKEA monkey, but now it's drawing ire from animal rights giant PETA.
The organization's Lisa Lange told Digital Spy: "This caveman couture look is a new low for Justin Bieber."
Lange continued: "Coyotes and other animals trapped for ridiculous coats like this one panic and gnaw at their limbs until a trapper arrives to shoot or beat them to death, often orphaning their helpless babies. It's always astounding to see someone with such great fortune and fame show no mercy for animals who simply want to be left alone to live with their families."
It's not the first time PETA has stepped in to criticize the Biebs' relationship to abused animals. They called him out when he posed for photos with a tiger that his father had brought to a private party in Toronto last year.
The fur coat isn't Bieber's only fashion statement to cause controversy in 2016. Earlier this year, the pop star re-Purpose-d Marilyn Manson and Metallica T-shirts for his own tour merch.
Find reactions to the fur coat from PETA and the rest of the Internet below.