Perversor Demon Metal

It was the name of this mini-disc that initially drew me in, but the Hellhamer-cribbed cover art and the promise of Chilean, Satanic "barbaric black thrash" didn't hurt. And now that I'm immersed in it, the shit production values, complete disregard for anything resembling good taste and the ignorance towards the fact that the past 20 years of metal happened ― or that any metal that isn't demo-quality, Switz-based, balls-out, nuclear thrash/death ever happened ― kept me fully praising all kinds of dark lords throughout this brief five-song EP. Well, it's not all nostalgia, and it certainly isn't safe retro-thrash; Perversor will admit to having more than a bit of a hankering for war/necro black thrash, especially if it has shit production values, is a cassette-only release and is certainly not from North America. Translation from metal speak to dumbed-down English: this is pretty awesome shit. (Hells Headbangers)