Persian Rugs Rancho Relaxo, Toronto, ON, March 22

Persian RugsRancho Relaxo, Toronto, ON, March 22
Photo: Ian Gormely
The draw for a lot of bands at Canadian Music Week is the promise of industry bigwigs catching your set and launching you to superstardom. So it was refreshing to see a group like Persian Rugs who clearly just wanted to have fun. Kaye Hamilton grinned ear-to-ear between songs during their set while drummer Matt Rubba cracked-wise from the venue's cavernous stage. In between they managed to deliver a too-short set of dreamy indie-pop songs, heavily indebted to the UK's anorak scene, while still managing to put their own stamp on things. The A-side to their lone single "Always All" was a highlight, but the new material the band played was just as good. These guys can't put out a new record quick enough.