Persian Rugs Always All

Persian RugsAlways All
Toronto, ON's the Diableros imploded part way into the making of their third album, but fans of the band's fuzzy indie pop will certainly find plenty to love in Persian Rugs. The Diableros' Ian Jackson formed the group with former bandmate Matt Rubba, as well as Ali Sunderji, who played in the Airfields with Jackson. Rounding out the quartet is Kaye Hamilton, whose lovely vocals and keyboard playing help elevate their debut seven-inch above their contemporaries. The record's A-side has garnered a lot of blog love already, but as the extended digital version reveals, it was just the tip of the iceberg. Hamilton and Jackson are both fine singers on their own or trading verses back and forth, but when paired together, as they are on the chorus of "It's What you Think," Persian Rugs' C-86 style indie pop sounds unstoppable. Expect big things from this promising new band. (Cloudberry)