Persefone Shin-Ken

Persefone, one of the few Andorran metal bands, are gaining more momentum and attention with this third full-length. Shin-Ken, chronicling Japan's ancient war stories, is a journey into progressive symphonic death metal. Although that description is already broad, Persefone are more like a clever jumble of any and all metal genres, yet they have their own identity. Stemming from their death metal centre, listeners will find thrashy influences, beautiful clean vocals and elegant downtempo tunes ― there's even the odd power metal-type keyboard solo. It's refreshing to hear an album with so few borders. Although the constant changes may be a little jarring initially, as it's easy to lose the thread, it all makes sense after a few listens, particularly if taken with the lyrics. Although the album is a bit long, it's difficult to formulate complaints about the songs or the overall construction of the record. (Kolony)