Permanent Bastards Emericans

Look out, shitty Against Me!. There's a band hiding somewhere in Toronto, ON's vast suburban expanse that's waiting to swoop in and steal your disenfranchised fan base. In the same way that Ozma took over for Weezer when they jumped the shark into lion cub music video territory at the turn of the millennium, Woodbridge's Permanent Bastards are vying for the swagger-y punk crown once held by Gainesville's finest anarchists. Kicking it in basements and crappy clubs across the country since 2007, Emericans is an unexpected step up for these suburban punks, a collection of upbeat songs that wouldn't be out of place on the Fat or Epitaph roster. While the album lacks an obvious anthem-in-waiting, it's stacked with solid tunes, from the furious, circle-pit inducing "(We Stole) These Songs" to the campfire acoustic punk of "Constance." When you wear out your copy of As The Eternal Cowboy, be sure to grab this record. (Independent)