Perishers Let There Be Morning

These earnest Swedes have already had their single, "Sway,” placed in current youth-oriented soaps like The O.C. and One Tree Hill, and listening to both the single and rest of the album, it makes perfect sense. Just like how the painfully privileged main characters mope beautifully about the respective difficulties, the Perishers wax poetically about life through easy melodic strums and inoffensive guitar lines, never really bringing the volume above a breathy word. To wit, both "My Heart” and "Let There Be Morning” deal with light drums, some easy chords and some lovely vocal harmonies. While it’s all quite nice, it’s all too polished and the term "wuss-rock” comes to mind, but it unfortunately is a tad too immature to be used in all seriousness. The Perishers just deal in too-earnest melodic rock that has its place on beautiful looking TV shows and slo-mo break-up scenes in romantic comedies. They live up to their name all too well as their music easily dissolves into memories of other songs and bands, never leaving too strong a mark. (Nettwerk)