Peripheral Vision

Sheer Tyranny of Will

Peripheral VisionSheer Tyranny of Will
Long-time musical brothers Michael Herring (bass) and Don Scott (guitar) have developed a strong rapport that powers both their music and their tenacity. In a time when almost daily posts bemoan the dearth of paying gigs and the death of jazz, their quartet, Peripheral Vision, is a living example of integrity, persistence and creativity. Featuring national treasure Nick Fraser on drums and Trevor Hogg on tenor saxophone, this ten-track album has consistently propulsive tunes that are energized and engaging.

The opener, "Robbed and Ridiculed," features robust bass lines, horn-section-ish guitar figures and a unified group sound. "Wiretap" has fluid, strong-voiced sax locked in with a snapping drum part that cedes to an almost churchy organ simulation, which yields to an abstract thrash, then back to guitar and sax solos: it's complex and cohesive. "Neurosis and Everyday Life" has crisp Fraser drumwork that buoys Scott's winding guitar and Herring's agile bass solos. The writing by Herring and Scott is skilled and intriguing, although the tunes lend themselves to somewhat restrained performances. Still, Hogg does get skronky on "Cement Watchers." Sheer Tyranny of Will is the sound of solid musicians making solid music. (Peripheral Vision Music)
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