Perfume Genius "Hood" (video)

Perfume Genius 'Hood' (video)
There are some serious mixed messages in Perfume Genius's new video for Put Your Back N 2 It cut "Hood."

Lyrically, it's a crusher, with Seattle-based singer-songwriter Mike Hadreas opining the disjoint of a relationship, detailing a lack of sweet-nothings atop a skeletal piano line. There's even some sadness in his eyes as his co-star, porn star Arpad Miklos, tenderly brushes the hair out of his face as he stares dead centre into the camera, recalling the touch of a lover.

But by the time Hadreas's eyeshadow is applied, the quick cut exuberantly explodes into the funnest photo shoot ever, with the pair throwing up gang signs before riffing on Freddy Krueger and that bare-breasted Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover from the '90s. The clip's capped with a cute embrace, so maybe there's a happy ending for Hadreas after all?

As previously reported, Put Your Back N 2 It arrives February 21 through Matador.