Per Mission A Ritual Loop

Understated and somewhat opaque; moody and minimal; mainly beat-driven and made for post-twilight listening are just a few descriptions that might link the tracks on this record by Jason Noble (Rodan, June of '44, Rachel's). At first, however, one might judge these pieces as fragments: unfinished and detached, except for the prevailing meditative atmosphere darkening their corners. Certain moments recall passages from work by Moby, Pole and HIM, but never resolve into anything so referential. Further listening reveals a fairly consistent sound world where dub-inflected rhythms, simple and repetitive keyboard lines and decaying samples frame each snapshot like details from some larger picture. Some tracks feature disjointed narration or phrases that tend to work best; the words never clarify, rather they hint at and reinforce the mystery that is at the heart of the ritual. In this austere and restrained endeavour, Noble is aided by past collaborators such as Rachel Grimes and Kyle Crabtree, and new pals Matmos. (Monitor)