The PepTides

Mercury Lounge, Ottawa ON, February 5

The PepTidesMercury Lounge, Ottawa ON, February 5
Photo: Calum Slingerland
As part of Megaphono's closing festivities, the PepTides gave a gracious crowd another example of why many regard them as one of the city's best live acts. Sporting nine members total, five of whom were vocalists, the brightly dressed troupe delivered an engaging set of their power-packed pop with style. While five might seem like an excessive number to some, the band's inclusion of the voices within their arrangements was far from it. At no point were any of the vocalists competing with each other; they each got their own chance to shine in their respective solo sections. The teamwork further resulted in some impressive harmonizing, most notably during funky standout "Love, Live, Get High."
Stage presence played a crucial role in the group's performance, and each member brought the right moves to match. Synchronized gestures from the chorus brought to mind the choreography employed by early soul groups, while each vocalist wore a seemingly permanent larger-than-life facial expression. If given the chance to deliver their theatrics on a larger scale, the results would no doubt be electrifying.
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