Pepe Deluxé Recruit Ron Jeremy to Fund New Release

Pepe Deluxé Recruit Ron Jeremy to Fund New Release
Given the struggles of the music industry, many artists have needed to find innovative ways to garner financial support for their albums. While many have opted for crowd funding websites like Kickstarter, Finnish electro act Pepe Deluxé have found a more unusual source of cash: porn icon Ron Jeremy.

In a post on Facebook, the band's James Spectrum explained that Jeremy is a big fan of the band's music. In order to secure his patronage, they will custom-make a record just for him and give him the only copy.

The post explained, "The only things we had to negotiate were the style and length of Ron's record: in the end we settled for a funk EP; something that we've never done before. The EP master tapes will be destroyed after the vinyl is cut to make sure there will never be any copies."

The band claimed that this agreement constitutes "the most unusual record deal ever." The deal hasn't been officially inked, but the contract will reportedly be signed on Monday (November 12), after their original meeting was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy.

So what does all this mean for the public? Well, unless Ron Jeremy decides to get generous and share the music that Pepe Deluxé are making especially for him, we may never hear the fruits of this unusual fundraiser.

Hopefully, however, this project will mean that the band have a little extra money in their bank accounts with which to fund their next widely released album.