People for Audio And This Will Be Our Homecoming

Shifting and moving isn’t something that is entirely applicable to the beat with this Montreal six-piece, as various incarnations have been active in both BC and Guelph for over two years. An impressive melange of genres, And This Will Be Our Homecoming has a more optimistic, bright feeling than most instrumental music, due to the constant changing rhythm, which goes from a standard beat, to more classic jazz rhythms and even a little prog thrown in for good measure. The most effective track would be "Red Skied Morning”, with its clattering mass of instruments, subtle layers of sax, and a strong, driving charge. The epic "Conversation In A Minor Tone” delves into more standard post-rock ideas, but they pull it off with such confidence and purpose that the intrigue of seeing it pulled off in a live setting is palpable. The final track, with its four parts, is also uniformly strong, especially around seven minutes in, where the crashing guitars more than perk up the ears. The misstep would be the end of the track, where it seems to meander away rather than come to a definite conclusion. It’s a shame, really, because hesitation is one thing that, wonderfully, is lacking in this record. (Storyboard)