Pennywise Unknown Road

Unknown Road is one of a few earlier Pennywise albums being reissued and digitally remastered. This is the album that brought Pennywise to the forefront of skate punk with many of the tracks here serving as the soundtrack to skateboarding videos, creating the association between Pennywise and the skate scene that has never left them. Upon its original release in 1993, Unknown Road sold several hundred thousand copies, and out of it came So-Cal classics like "Unknown Road,” "Homesick,” "It’s Up To Me,” and "You Can Demand.” Released two years after the band’s debut, Pennywise was still working as a reaction to the grunge explosion, and their big, fast, tight sound really drives that point home. In their 17-year career, Pennywise have stayed along the same path of high powered, extremely energised punk. This reissue gives fans old and new a chance to hear Pennywise at their peak. (Epitaph)