Penguin Prison Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison may be one of the best things that have happened to Chromeo. On his debut self-titled LP, the NYC vocalist (born Chris Glover) spells out just how organic the aforementioned Montreal duo make the whole retro-dance-funk-thing sound. The problem is that Glover wants to sound like Justin Timberlake, Hot Chip, Pet Shop Boys and Passion Pit, but never Penguin Prison. There's no doubt that Glover has great pop sensibilities, but it's as if the child-prodigy-turned-producer stumbles at least once during each track. "Don't Fuck With My Money" comes closest to pop perfection, but Glover's sharp falsetto is watered down by a pair of rather limp, forced verses. "Fair Warning" is greeted by a grand '80s synth-pop sound that's unfortunately jumbled by awkward, overflowing vocals. Penguin Prison paints a portrait of a musician with great talent creating a sound that simply has been done before, and much better. (Downtown)