Pelican The Fire in our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw

Following hot on the heels of the recently released teaser EP March to the Sea, the soaring armoured birds known as Pelican have reached the shores of magnificence once again with their second full-length album of slowly unfolding and meticulously composed instrumental prog metal. And right from the final segment of the first suitably epic track, there’s something markedly different and unexpected going on — an acoustic guitar. But don’t be afraid — The Fire in our Throats is still choking on what Pelican fans have come to know and love, specifically big, chugging riffs and articulate rhythms arranged with delicate care. Overall there’s a slightly more prog and less stoner metal feel to the album than their previous full-length, 2003’s Australasia, which may or may not please some listeners. For example, "Autumn Into Summer” plays up the band’s softer post-rock influences before launching into a pummelling bridge section that features the most subtle double bass drum action ever, then getting down to some serious chug-riff palm-muting. But this is still some of the best instrumental metal around, wings down. (Hydra Head)