PEI City Sues Michael Jackson Tribute Show Promoter for Fraud

PEI City Sues Michael Jackson Tribute Show Promoter for Fraud
An American concert promoter is being sued by the city of Summerside, P.E.I. for fraud over a Michael Jackson tribute show that did not exist.

CBC reports that the Canadian city filed papers in a San Jose, CA courthouse Monday (January 24) against Katrina Berg Sussmeier and her company Starlink Productions, alleging that the promoter was paid $1.3 million to put on a tribute show that never materialized. The city says that Sussmeier promised the city the first ever official tribute concert for the deceased pop star, which would have featured high-profile singers Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Usher.

While the concert, which was to take placed July 24, was touted as the kick-off for a big tribute tour, the claim poses that "the Michael Jackson Tribute Show was, from start to finish, an elaborate fraud."

The statement claims that the city made two payments of $650,000 to the promoter. The first occurred in July 2009, just one month after Jackson's passing, and the next in March of last year. Even though the city wired over both payments, officials were apparently sceptical about the situation.

"Summerside officials became increasingly concerned about the status of the concert," the claim reads.

The city is suing to get back its alleged $1.3 million investment, as well as unspecified damages. It should be noted that none of their allegations have been proven in court.

The promoter has yet to make a statement on the situation.