Peglegasus Tired of Adventures

Austin, Texas-based Peglegasus has more than a hell of a name to offer up - they're one of those bands that sound like a million bands and none, with snippets of influences from a dozen almost-familiar sources. Listen closely: is that a Keith Moon drum thump? A Richard Hell riff? Was that "Aqualung"? Or was it the Ventures? Berke Marye's singing has an eerie feeling that evokes something from Nixon-era America, but for the life of me I can't figure out what. Be that as it may, most of the 13 songs on this 33-minute album are damn fine, ambiguous origins aside. There are some very catchy hooks, peculiar and original lyrics, and guitar duels worthy of comparisons to Television. It isn't all great - for all the material they draw from '70s New York and previous, there are a couple of unfortunate examples of a prog rock here that are unconscionable. Luckily, they're few and far between. This band's lack of commercial success is its own fault - they are all great musicians, but play music that is too cerebral for the average idiot radio-listener and DJ. When listening to Peglegasus you need concentration, an encyclopedia of pop music and - for some reason - lava lamps, polka dot shirts and denim bell-bottoms. Pot might help. (Mad Entropic Carnival)