Peggy Seeger Bring Me Home

It’s hardly a stretch to realise that Pete Seeger’s half-sister, and the former wife of the late Ewan MacColl, would sing the same traditional music held high by her revivalist bloodline. What is surprising is that, at 72 years of age, the New York-born songstress remains every bit the powerhouse performer she was in her heyday in the ’50s and ’60s. Her clear, crisp vocals are commanding and her prowess on the five-string banjo and guitar is nimble and equally spellbinding; she’s accompanied by autoharp, harmonium and hints of slide guitar across various tracks. Representing the third volume of her Home trilogy (trad songs learned in her childhood), these 13 time-polished gems remain integral to her outlook on life, and the strength and friendship they have provided her over the years translate like bedtime stories for another generation. From the rollicking, banjo-driven "Roving Gambler” to the uplifting "Little Birdie,” Peggy Seeger quickly distinguishes herself from the current barrage of olde-timey revivalists. She’s the real deal and she owns these songs. Her passion and confident delivery are downright inspirational and calming. (Appleseed)