Peels The Peels

On first listen, this album could easily be mistaken for a Chrissie Hynde comeback. The Peels’ singer Robyn Miller has such strong, knowing tones that she’s a dead ringer for the Pretenders front woman. Originally formed in Seattle, the Peels started up when Miller and guitarist Lane Rider met on a blind date. Now residing in San Francisco, they are debuting with this self-titled EP, produced by John Goodmanson (Blonde Redhead, Hot Hot Heat). These eight tracks erupt with an urgent sultriness. Each song has an immediate impact and is instantly memorable. The opening track, "Only Son,” is an awesome experience in rock’n’roll, full of ass-shaking riffs and bone-breaking vocals. The Chrissie Hynde tinges really come through on "Gold Chains” and "I Only Miss You When You’re Gone.” There is a solid wall of sound the whole way through each song, and dirty ’60s garage mixed with reckless ’70s rock comes to mind as the roar of guitars tangles together. The results are highly striking songs that any rock’n’roll fan should be all over. (Dim Mak)