Pedestrian Struck by Car at Iconic Abbey Road Crossing

Pedestrian Struck by Car at Iconic Abbey Road Crossing
The crosswalk outside of London's Abbey Road Studios, where the Beatles shot the iconic cover of their 1969 album Abbey Road, is a popular tourist destination, with many visitors walking across to have their photos taken. There's just one problem: it's a busy street, and it was recently the site of a rather serious accident involving a pedestrian.

It's unclear exactly when the incident took place, but footage of the accident was uploaded to [via Billboard] on Friday (November 7). It shows a pedestrian running across the street and getting struck hard by a silver Volkswagen. It was captured via the live CCTV camera which films the crossing 24 hours a day.

The poster of the video wrote, "Eventually an ambulance came and took her to the hospital. I'm pretty sure she was OK but it was a brutal hit."

The video can be seen here, although it's not for the faint of heart, since it's a very nasty collision. Although it's difficult to tell, this doesn't seem to be an instance of someone posing for a photograph, but rather a pedestrian simply attempting to get across the road.

This unpleasant incident might lend credence to calls for a crossing guard. Due to the volume of both cars and photo-seeking tourists, some have called for a so-called "lollipop lady" or man to oversee the crosswalk. This summer, the BBC reported that Westminster City Council had raised concerns over safety.

Watch the live Abbey Road crossing cam here.