Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard Announces 'Moonlander' Solo Album, Unveils New Track

Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard Announces 'Moonlander' Solo Album, Unveils New Track
Pearl Jam said that they were around halfway done their new album way back in 2011, but we've yet to hear the latest LP from the long-running grunge gods. Instead, guitarist Stone Gossard — who also plays in the side-project Brad — is preparing to release a new solo album, Moonlander, on June 25 through Pearl Jam's own Monkeywrench Records.

This is Gossard's second solo album. It follows his 2001 debut, Bayleaf, with 11 songs recorded between 2003 and 2011. These songs correspond to 11 original pieces of artwork that were created by Gossard and his five-year old daughter. The album includes guest appearances from various musicians, including Pearl Jam cohorts Matt Cameron and Matt Chamberlain.

The axe-man said in a statement, "Over the last year, I went through all of my old demos and recordings that weren't used as Pearl Jam or Brad songs and picked my favourites. With the help of Floyd Reitsma (Studio Litho engineer), Pete Droge (executive producer), and Hans Teuber (multi-instrumentalist and long time Hank Khoir collaborator) I went about trying to finish them. This included lots of re-singing tracks, fleshing out and re-editing, adding new instruments..."

Gossard will unveil one song (along with the corresponding artwork) per week for 11 weeks over at Pearl Jam's website. This series began today with "I Need Something Different," which is available from SoundCloud as a free download.

Ahead of the full-length Gossard will release a pair of EPs on iTunes; Apollo consists of the first four tracks and is available on May 7, while Luna contains the next four tracks and is available on June 4.


1. I Need Something Different

2. Moon Landing

3. Both Live

4. Your Flames

5. Battle Cry

6. King of the Junkies

7. Remain

8. I Don't Want to Go to Bed

9. Bombs Away

10. Witch Doctor

11. Beyond Measure