Pearl Jam Look Back with Live on Ten Legs

Pearl Jam Look Back with <i>Live on Ten Legs</i>
Pearl Jam have a staggering live discography, having released dozens of concert albums at the beginning of last decade. They took a break from the bootleg series until this year, so they're looking to make up for what they missed by compiling some key performances from the last eight years for Live on Ten Legs, due out January 18.

The title is a reference to the 1998 live album, Live on Two Legs. The tracklist draws on performances from 2003 to 2010. In the years covered by this collection, Pearl Jam released two LPs: 2006's self-titled album and 2009's Backspacer. Songs from both records will appear, along with covers of Joe Strummer ("Arms Aloft") and Public Image Ltd. ("Public Image"). Of course, there will also be classic cuts like "Jeremy" and "Alive."

In addition to the usual vinyl, CD and digital formats, a European-only box set will be released, which contains photo prints, mini-posters and a laminate, in addition to the music. Internationally, it will come out via Island; in North American, fans can get it through the Ten Club and at select independent retailers.

You can pre-order copies here.

Pearl Jam fans should also read up on the new R.E.M. album, which will feature guest vocals from Eddie Vedder.

Live on Ten Legs:

1. "Arms Aloft"

2. "World Wide Suicide"

3. "Animal"

4. "Got Some"

5. "State of Love And Trust"

6. "I Am Mine"

7. "Unthought Known"

8. "Rearviewmirror"

9. "The Fixer"

10. "Nothing as It Seems"

11. "In Hiding"

12. "Just Breathe"

13. "Jeremy"

14. "Public Image"

15. "Spin the Black Circle"

16. "Porch"

17. "Alive"

18. "Yellow Ledbetter"