Peaches I Feel Cream

It's not the vulgarity of Peaches' music that usually makes me uncomfortable; it's the fact that no matter how much I enjoy listening, I can never escape the fact that it's not technically very good. It's a pleasant surprise then, and probably a testament to the production skills of Simian Mobile Disco's James Ford, that I Feel Cream explores more genres and forms than her previous work while still retaining her trademark dirty beats and simple structures, filled with filthy lyrics. The biggest shock though, is the presence of "real" singing on tracks like the brilliant "Talk To Me" and even the explicit "Billionaire." Supplementing her trademark monotonous faux-rap is an attitude-heavy and very nasal vocal line that could definitely support a career free from innuendo and giant inflatable cocks; the delicate and affecting "Lose You" is proof of that. Has Peaches been hiding this more mainstream form of talent all along? Perhaps the one thing that embarrasses the seemingly shameless Ms. Nisker is precisely the fact that, shockingly, she can sing. (XL)