Peaches Bombastic Beat Babe

Peaches Bombastic Beat Babe
She did the folk thing with Mermaid Café. She achieved her goal of being a "crazy singer" with Fancypants Hoodlum, an avant-jazz-rock band. She got a group of "rock'n'roll friends," and picked up instruments never previously played and developed a fun little foursome known simply as the Shit. Who is she? In her own words, she is Peaches, "an unstoppable, sexy, bomb-ass beat bitch. She just wants to debunk a lot of myths; for people in the rock'n'roll world, it's like ‘Hey, electronics are cool,' and for people in the electronic world, like 'Hey, rock 'n roll is cool.'" Like, I can get with that.

Her movement from project to project, sound to sound, and persona to persona has been a natural evolution. Having developed an interest in beats & electronic gear whilst in the Shit, our heroine decided to teach herself a little sumthin' sumthin'. Peaches vowed to "get one machine and make it my slave," falling for the Roland 505 Groove Box.

Off to Europe she and fellow Shit-ster Jason Beck went, busking and performing their "totally minimal, experimental collage" at clubs in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. At that point, her Roland was earning its keep as a keyboard; upon arriving home, Peaches decided to show it a thing or two and learned to coax beats from its belly. Voila, an ADAT was purchased for recording, and an instant, hi-fi lo-fi bedroom studio was born.

"I just keep playing around, and there's no pressure," she says happily. "I'll make a beat, and if I don't like it, I'll make a different one. Once the pressure was off, I could do anything." "Anything" she does very well, recording a sexy l'il six-track EP filled with explicit and instrumental gems. She sings, rants and pseudo-raps about sex with much assurance, advice, and humour, all swirled up in a sound that alternately reminds of ESG, early Luscious Jackson, Malaria, the Runaways or Le Tigre.

Takin' it to the stage, Peaches has been tearing things up with her one-woman, one-beat box performances. Recently, "hype man" Daddy was added. "He sings choruses and brings up the crowd," she explains. "We're starting to play up the prankery of it all, and have a lot of fun." Look out also for "hype lady" Bitch Laplap, and Super 8 films galore, as created by Peaches and the collective of friends known as 2,4,5.

Peaches' self-titled EP can now be found on Teenage USA, and the trip busking in European clubs has paid off ? Peaches signed to Berlin's Kitty-Yo label. There'll be a Peaches twelve-inch in May, and a full-length album later in the year.