Peach Kelli Pop


Peach Kelli PopIII
There's a line from the immortal 1996 Kids in the Hall film Brain Candy where the mega-smarmy pharmaceutical marketing guru Cisco (played by Bruce McCulloch) comes up with a tagline for a new antidepressant pill: "Gleemonex makes it feel 72 degrees in your head… all the time." The most recent album from Ottawa-born, L.A.-based Allie Hanlon, otherwise known as Peach Kelli Pop, has the exact same effect: after an initial spin of III, your brain will feel like a warm, sun-dappled sand dune.
III features cleaner production and sharper song structures than Hanlon's previous two releases, and the songs are hookier, too.  She's written odes to childhood treats and the soft moments that buoy the hearts of tuff kids: washing away your sins with shampoo; lovers that speak their minds; the joys of running naked into the ocean with your sweetheart. Highlights include current single "Plastic Love," the beachiest heartbreak tune since Bleached's "Searching Through the Past," the surprisingly heartfelt "Princess Castle," which pays loving homage to Super Mario Brothers and a completely faithful cover of the Sailor Moon theme song (yessss!).
Album closer "Please Come Home" embodies the best things about this record: it explores very real feelings of longing and desire with a chiming and irresistible purity. Clocking in at just barely 20 minutes, III is endlessly replayable and filled with garage-pop gems. There's a new drug, and it's called Peach Kelli Pop. (Burger Records)
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