Peace The World Is Too Much With Us

PeaceThe World Is Too Much With Us
Having just signed to Seattle's Suicide Squeeze, Vancouver, BC's Peace are on the brink of big things happening with their wonderfully titled The World Is Too Much With Us. Their sound is defined by singer Dan Geddes, who has a few modes of delivery, one of which is more successful than the other. Opener "Your Hand In Mine" demonstrates his crooning abilities, which aren't particularly effective, but his Mark E. Smith-esque talk/signing really gets the point across. It's also a much better match for the rest of the band, who spend their time cranking out post-punk noise. While The World Is Too Much With Us is a much more solid record than their debut, too many tracks rely on repetition to get their point across and feel more like the group spinning their wheels, rather than creating a hypnotic spell, although they are more than capable of doing so. Even "Tattoo," which closes out the album, takes almost two minutes before things get going and then it leaves earlier than it should. Once they learn when to rein it in and when to give it space to breathe, they will be a force to be reckoned with. (Suicide Squeeze)